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Mindful Home Consultation 
Change your Home, Transform Your Life with Mindful HOME Concept!

Now more than ever is time to find new ways to create peace, balance and joy in our homes and lives.


Do you desire a change in any area of your life, start by changing your home. Your environment impacts your life more than you may realize.


Have you noticed how being in a different environment changes your energy? Do you feel uplifted or drained?


Does your home look like the home of someone who is living the dream you aspire to?


You will get clear of which items that is not aligned with you and your goals. You will also learn what colors, scents, images, textures you can add to your home to inspire your wellbeing?


Mindful HOME Concept is built on Feng shui, Mindfulness and to Personalize your home.


Perfect when you are moving into your new home, but also if you when you want a change in your home.. and life.


If you would like to learn more about the simple changes you can make in your home to build a new habit or realize a goal.

Welcome to book your FREE 30 min. call:

From there you decide if you want to continue. Send me an email to book your free call.


- 90 min start-up meeting at Zoom.

- 3 x 45 minutes / Online consultation with unlimited email support and availability for spot coaching in-between sessions.

- Documentation and Checklists

- 30 min follow up meeting online.

Bonus: The Book: Mindful HOME - Fill your HOME & LIFE  with new Energy

Price: CHF 1450 

Welcome to book your FREE 30 min. call:


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My Background

With education in Holistic Health & Wellness from Bosön, “The Swedish Institute of sports” and also studied Business management, I've worked as a leader in different companies, mainly in SPA & Holistic Health area, with two CEO assignments. I have many years of experience of both Management Coaching and Individual Life Coaching.


The strong interest in interior design and experience from remodeling many private homes, I also helped a lot of people how to create a balanced and harmonic home.

I have been a student of Mindfulness and Feng Shui for many years and 2008 she attended the “Western School of Feng Shui” founded by the Hay House author, Terah Kathryn Collins.

Since 3,5 years back I´m living in Switzerland.


Me and my family have previously lived in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Barcelona.

Corinne - CEO

"After being in a very challenging situation with my former business partners for a long period of time, I managed to regain my self-esteem, self-confidence and my strength step by step through Charlotte´s coaching. I now know the importance of having balance in my private life in order to succeed with my business and attract the right people. I am convinced that I would not have been here without this coaching. Charlotte has also taught me how important it is to clean and organize my home, how to think when I furnish furniture to create a harmonious, beautiful, and pleasant atmosphere. Charlotte always sees opportunities in everything that happens! She is amazing! I can only say that you are missing something if you do not invest in meeting Charlotte in your life".

Lisa - Entrepreneur / Fashion Business

"Working together with Charlotte is about developing your home but even more about developing yourself. Charlotte has a unique universal ability to guide you, see things you don't see yourself, make you grow and take it to the next level. I am extremely grateful to work with Charlotte and highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to take the next step in life.”

Sara - Actor & Director

"After every meeting with Charlotte, I feel 10 kg lighter, full of energy and my thoughts feel crystal clear. Charlotte helps me pick out what I know deep down but don't always dare to see. In consultation with her, we eliminate fears and resistance - both professionally and privately. Charlotte instills courage and inspiration in all areas of my life"


Welcome to contact me to schedule a FREE 45 min. exploring Zoom video call. From there you decide if you want to continue. 


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